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Architectural Services

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 My firm specializes in creating distinctive architecture for new and existing homes. As a licensed architect, I am able to bring years of experience and study to the design of your home. I can arrange to meet you at your home to discuss your general feelings and desires for your space. Often, a lot can be accomplished in this meeting, and the experience is always a great way for us to get a feel for how we interact in solving problems. After the initial meeting, I will prepare a contract that will note the specific requirements of the project, and the services I can provide.



 I generally view initial design as an informal, free associative discussion where together we explore how your life can be enriched by a new space. I ask you to focus less on how many bedrooms or bathrooms you want, and instead focus on how places you have been have made you feel something. During this phase several designs can be generated and explored.

Construction Drawings


After the initial designs are drawn and approved, my office will create detailed construction drawings and specifications that will outline the work for permit and contractor selection. This may include:

  • Floor Plans
  • Elevations
  • Sections
  • Details of Construction

Interior Design and Selection


We can advise you on the new fixtures and fittings of your home, and consult with you on providing interior design services. This could include: 

  • Help selecting an independent interior designer
  • Kitchen/bathroom design and layout, including tilework and fixture selections
  • Finish selections such as flooring or wall paneling

Construction Services


During construction you can utilize our firm to observe the work of the contractor during construction. We can also review the building progress of your home, and find opportunities for refinement that may present themselves.

Contractor Selection


Do you have a contractor that you would like to work with? Do you want us to recommend a contractor that we work with frequently? We have experience with both and can help guide you through the contractor selection and qualification process.

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